Zelia ZZ Tan - Accelerating Dimension

Zelia ZZ Tan -
Accelerating Dimension

The Room, Freespace

From the Director

The point of departure of my choreography is a query about the body and the abstraction of embodiment. How does Dance x Technology describe the relationship between humans and virtual species?

Dimensional perspectives and indirect interactions collide, reflecting an exploration of virtual dance. Players use their bodies to experience setbacks, revelations and challenges through different devices in three uncertain dimensions. They encounter different avatars and identities.

When people interact with objects in the network, can sensors, generating resistance, test this acceleration? Can dimensional avatars exist in the space between virtual reality and physical reality, collect and analyse clues? Can human senses be reprogrammed to adjust the intensity of concentration within the crossover of technology and dance movement?

In dislocated time and space, the creative team and I questioned the conventional subjectivity of media, and tried to create new physical and mental experiences.

Sometimes, we forget to observe what’s new in space. Barriers are all around us and we need to break through. When you find the data source, when you try to solve the dilemma, you become the medium, and the flow becomes the driving force. As the physical and virtual separate and merge in space, we experiment with the body until we have a group dance that goes beyond the individual and the imagination into unknown territory.

Zelia ZZ Tan

Accelerating Dimension

-Reconsidering Movement through Physical and Virtual Dimensions

The audience will be invited into this dimension, to step between the player-dancers in physical movement and the virtual world. Is the avatar you or he or she or it? Who is in control? Who is being watched? Who is watching? Do the audience, dancers, physical bodies or avatars have the power?
Players control their avatars with sensors, enter the virtual world and encounter familiar scenes – wetlands and buildings. The virtual and physical spaces overlap, the audience, players and avatars cooperate or resist each other in the environments. Giant bone avatars, lizard avatars, small cells, plants, stone formations; the audience, players, avatars; everyone is affected – captured, unlocked, assimilated and taken over, bodies melt and spin faster. The avatars possess the dancers’ consciousness, generating new energy.
Choreographer Zelia ZZ Tan has created an alternative view of the dancing body in this exploration. The loops, generated by movements in the dimensional world, cause time and space to dislocate, blurring the boundaries between media and impacting our reality. The body exists in both reality and the virtual world, and is continuously being experimented on. Sensors build a network that connects the body so that it can enjoy and explore the virtual world, redefining the body in time and space and breaking through the traditional logic of choreography. Technology opens up our imagination about existence, so that together we can build a journey of the body's perception in the interplay between the virtual and the real.

Creative Team and
CCDC Production Team

Creative Team
  • Director and Choreographer
  • Zelia ZZ Tan
  • Dance Artists
  • Tsang Wing-fai*
  • Lau Pak-hong
  • Esther Chan Hoi-ming
  • Guest Dance Artists
  • Karina Curlewis
  • Match Cheung
  • Game Designer
  • Yang Jing
  • Avatar Designer
  • Zhang Tian
  • 3D Modelling and Animation Designer
  • Daniel Liu
  • Interaction Designer
  • Joseph Watson
  • Composer and Sound Designer
  • Step lp
  • Sound Engineer
  • AK Kan
  • Costume Designer
  • Perpetua Ip
  • Lighting Designer
  • Lawmanray
  • AR Designer
  • Tristan Braud
  • Virtual Camera Designer
  • Zhang Tian-yi
  • Web AR Designer
  • Guido Stuch
  • Avatar Adviser
  • Royce Ng
  • Technical Adviser
  • Adrian Yeung
  • Advisers
  • Cheung Fai
  • Gilles Jobin
  • Observers
  • Melissa Leung
  • William Wong
  • Catherine Yau
* With the kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
CCDC Production Team
  • Executive Director
  • Cathy Lau
  • Marketing and Development Manager
  • Stephanie Mak
  • Production Manager
  • Jess Cheung
  • Stage Manager
  • Bee Li
  • Assistant Stage Managers
  • Gigi Chau
  • Rita Ngai
  • Ming Wong
  • Wardrobe Manager
  • Linda Lee
  • Assistant Wardrobe Manager
  • Jason Chu
  • Wardrobe Mistress
  • Grace Leung
  • Project Coordinator (Programme)
  • David Lok
  • Project Coordinator (Marketing)
  • Kathy Lin
  • Intern
  • Connie Mak
  • Creative, Art Direction, Graphic Design & Video Editing
  • studio-m.hk
  • Photography & Videography
  • Fung Wai Sun @ Sun Yeah Production

About the Creative Team

Zelia ZZ Tan

Zelia ZZ Tan | Director/ Choreographer

Choreographer and experimental film director Zelia ZZ Tan is a graduate of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and joined CCDC in 2019. Tan has performed and studied in 14 countries and showcased her work at Helsinki Festival, Finland. Recent work includes MUD2022 Sensing Adjacency and audītŭs. The dance films Over Here? (2020) and Moon Paradox I (2019) directed by Tan were selected for 16 international dance film festivals. Tan has explored interactions with virtual reality (VR) through motion capture and science-based methods, and was invited to perform a VR dance by choreographer Gilles Jobin (Switzerland). Tan created the augmented reality dance Tanz mit dem Tiger for ROXY-TanzLabor (Germany), and researched virtual and physical dance at Tanzkongress 2022 (Germany).

Tsang Wing-Fai
Photo: Dapinography

Tsang Wing-fai | Dance Artist

Tsang Wing-fai is a dancer and choreographer of street dance and theatre performances. Prior to her freelance dance career, she graduated from the Architectural Studies programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was awarded a full scholarship from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund in 2021 and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Dance at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, specialising in choreography. Tsang choreographed Vapour for City Contemporary Dance Company’s WuDaoQingNian 2019.

Lau Pak-Hong
Photo: Marc Barkowski

Lau Pak-hong | Dance Artist

Lau Pak-hong is a freelance dance artist who graduated from the Cologne University of Music and Dance, majoring in Contemporary Dance. He collaborated with different artists and ensembles, including TS Crew, E-Side Dance Company, Passoverdance and Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection. He was also a chorus member in productions by Opera Hong Kong and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Esther Chan Hoi-ming
Photo: 5+2's Studio

Esther Chan Hoi-ming | Dance Artist

Esther Chan Hoi-ming graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. She performed as a freelance dancer and choreographer for major brands, including Chanel, Kalenji by Decathlon and Léage, when living in Paris between 2016 and 2019. She has recently performed as a dance artist at Tai Kwun, Y-Space, 5+2’s studio and K11 MUSEA.

Karina Curlewis
Photo: Theresa Olesen photography

Karina Curlewis | Guest Dance Artist

Karina Curlewis is an Eurasian multidisciplinary dance artist. She has had a solid foundation in musical and devised theatre since 2004. Curlewis participated in the live durational performances of artist Tino Sehgal’s This Variation and artist-composer Pan Daijing’s Echo, Moss and Spill in the trust & confusion exhibition, which was held at Tai Kwun Contemporary in 2021.

Match Cheung
Photo: aka.apekay

Match Cheung | Guest Dance Artist

Match Cheung is a Hong Kong-based street dance artist. He has been experimenting with dance performance in the NFT world and motion capture technology in the past two years. Cheung created the world’s first single-person dance avatar named Xmatch through motion capture.

Yang Jing

Yang Jing | Game Designer

Yang Jing is a game producer, curator and researcher based in Hong Kong. Her recent work, Forgetter, a narrative game, has won multiple awards world-wide. She is now working on multiple game production projects, ranging from literature games, to VR platformer games and motion-capture game theatre.

Zhang Tian

Zhang Tian | Avatar Designer

Zhang Tian graduated from Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong. She currently works in the fields of digital fashion, 3D printing, installation, etc. She usually gets inspiration from nature, issues of environment, reflects on our daily life and continues to explore the connections between different art forms.

Daniel Liu
Photo: LIAO Jia-ming

Daniel Liu | 3D Modelling and Animation Designer

Daniel Liu is a 3D animator based in Hong Kong. His practice is mainly related to 3D scanning, 3D printing and animation. He is now working in the film industry.

Joseph Watson

Joseph Watson | Interaction Designer

Joseph Watson mainly works in modelling and fabrication related to robotics, and industrial art. He also draws and paints, and shows his artworks in various exhibitions.

Step Ip
Photo: pure_plain

Step Ip | Composer and Sound Designer

Step Ip graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in music production. She is a live musician and the member of experimental band Virgin Vacation. She is now working in theatre sound design, music arrangement and multimedia art.

Perpetua Ip

Perpetua Ip | Costume Designer

Perpetua Ip, stylist and art director. Former fashion editor at Esquire & Men’s Uno. Works include styling & art direction for So!YoON!’s debut solo album. She has also worked with art companies including City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, and musicians at The Show Will Go Online hosted by Music Lab on styling & costume design. She has held the exhibition Sheung Shui Boys with photographer Elaine Lam.

Instagram @runwildrun

Photo: Yuen Hon-wai

Lawmanray | Lighting Designer

Lawmanray is currently studying for a master degree on Theatre Direction at The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, majoring in Lighting Design. He has worked as a freelance lighting designer for different theatre companies, and joined CCDC as Resident Lighting Designer in 2017. He won Outstanding Lighting Design at the Hong Kong Dance Awards with the piece Winterreise‧The Rite of Spring.

Tristan Braud

Tristan Braud | AR Designer

Tristan Braud, Assistant Professor in the Division of Integrative Systems and Design at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His primary research focus is augmented and virtual reality, with a specific interest on the human-specific issues in immersive environments. More recently, his work has expanded to the development of large-scale augmented reality experiences towards a city-scale metaverse.

Zhang Tian-yi

Zhang Tian-yi | Virtual Camera Designer

Zhang Tian-yi has worked with renowned interactive media artists to create interactive works with the game engine and exhibited them locally and overseas, including International Symposium on Electronic Art 2022. He has also won multiple awards for his work on the game Forgetter. Zhang is currently researching on virtual production technology from Hollywood industry overseas.

Guido Stuch
Photo: Pablo Sansalvador

Guido Stuch | Web AR Designer

Guido Stuch is a cross-disciplinary artist based in Germany, currently working online in international productions all over the world. As a content designer, he designs for 3-dimensional technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and visual effects. As a photographer, his photography ranges from classical analogue, digital to historical wet plate.

About City Contemporary Dance Company

City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC), the flagship of contemporary dance in Hong Kong, undertakes to blaze the path of the contemporary dance scene with extraordinary performances representing contemporary Hong Kong culture. Founded in 1979 and currently directed by Yuri Ng, CCDC has presented more than 200 original works by leading choreographers, and pioneered in Asia to reimagine the possibilities of contemporary dance through innovative collaborations. Representing Hong Kong in over 270 overseas performances at the world’s foremost dance stages and festivals, CCDC is regarded as “the artistic soul of contemporary Hong Kong”.